Tours to visit Maria Luisa Park in Seville

Guided tours and excursions to see the Maria Luisa Park

María Luisa Park is a public garden in the city of Seville that is at the same time the green lung of the old city centre and a first-rate historic space.

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The gardens of María Luisa Park are municipal property and are currently classified as being of Cultural Interest. Private gardens were originally built within the scope of the San Telmo Palace. This palace was acquired in the 19th century by the Dukes of Montpensier, but the widowed duchess, who was none other than the young María Luisa Fernanda de Borbón, decided to donate it to the city in the year 1893.

Since then they have been public, and the city decided in 1929 that it would be the ideal space for hosting the Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929. To mark this event, the appearance of the gardens varied substantially and much of the current appearance of María Luisa Park is due to the work that was done at that time.

The result of that intervention was two of the most prominent places in the park: Spanish Plaza to the north and the American Plaza to the south. In the latter are some of the pavilions erected for the Ibero-American Exhibition, which today have been transformed into the Art and Tradition Museum and the Archaeological Museum.

María Luisa Park occupies 34 hectares organized by various main avenues that unite the different zones of the park. This way, walking through the central axis that is the Avenida de los Cisnes and its perpendiculars, Pizarro and Hernán Cortés avenues, the different pavilions and ponds scattered throughout the park can be reached. These pavilions take their names from authors and artists from different eras, like Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, the Álvarez Quintero Brothers or Goya.

Along this route there are different sculpted fountains and ponds, like that of the Ducks or of the Lotus. And there are also different areas of vegetation, in which open spaces are combined with dense, landscaped areas, so that the scenery of María Luisa Park is highly varied.