Guided excursions to Jerez from Seville

Few places in the world have a name so clearly linked with a flavour. In the case of the Jerez, the name of the city, the bouquet of its world-famous wines is immediately evoked. Learning how they are produced and sampling them is one of the great attractions when visiting Jerez.

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Bodegas (which can be visited) abound in the city and its suburbs, so you can discover all of the secrets of those vines, which always accompany many of the oldest traditions in the area.

Another one of those traditions is the breeding and training of horses. The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art is located in Jerez. It’s an historic institution that, despite its long history, continues to be a complete delight for equestrians. In fact, they put on shows for their visitors in which horses and riders complete true choreography, unique around the world.

However, although the wines of Jerez and the beauty and ability of their horses are the main attractions for this area, the city also has other places worth mentioning.

One of those is the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Jerez de la Frontera. Inside, a wide collection of historic relics are showcased, which serve as a way to discover the intense and long history of the area. Scholars say that since the arrival of the Phoenicians three thousand years ago, the area has remained occupied.

Another emblematic place in Jerez is its Cathedral, a compound of Baroque art, where valuable works of art are conserved, like the choir stall or a painting by Zurbarán dedicated to the Virgin Mary. However, there are older churches in the town like that of Santiago, which is from the 15th century, or the Gothic church called the Convent of Santo Domingo.

But like many other places in Andalusia, Jerez de la Frontera was inhabited for centuries by Muslims, so their mark can also be seen in the maze-like outline of the streets. In fact the previously mentioned Archaeological Museum is located in the Market plaza, the heart of the old Arabic medina. And of course the old Alcazar of Jerez can also be visited, which is a walled complex, inside of which are the remains of the main mosque, the Arabic baths and the beautiful Garden of the Olive Trees.

A visit to Jerez mixes the flavour of its wines, the displays of its horses and a large historic and artistic repertoire.