Guided tours to Granada from Seville

The main reason to visit Granada is to see the Alhambra Palace, possibly Spain’s oldest jewel of historic heritage. Construction on this palace began in the 13th century to shelter the Nazarene monarchy, but over the centuries the building was converted into a little city within Granada.

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A visit to the palace is very much in demand, so it’s best to book guided tours in advance. The tour through its interior shows its most splendid areas. Its most emblematic places can be discovered, like the Patio de los Leones, the rooms of the Mexuar Palace, the tower of Comares or the rooms that the Christians built later, like the Palace of Carlos V. Among all of this are endless patios, rooms, towers an walls that form a unique complex.

Also, next to the Alhambra are the Generalife Gardens, an entirely extravagant display of nature and water that has inspired artists from all over the world and of all types of artistic disciplines. And from El Generalife, you can also see some spectacular views of the peaks of the Sierra Nevada, the highest on the Iberian Peninsula.

However, Granada has more attractions. There are monuments like the Royal Chapel in the centre of town. There, the tombs of the Catholic Monarchy are kept, including those of Queen Juana the Mad and Felipe the Handsome. Next to the Royal Chapel is the Cathedral of Granada, a large renaissance building that houses an impressive repertoire of sculptures, paintings and portraits from different eras, and always crafted by the best artists in Spain and Andalusia.

Those are the great monuments of Granada, but the old charm of the city consists in walking through downtown, touring places as charismatic as the Paseo de los Tristes to the banks of the Darro River, or going up the hills where the Albaicín and Sacramonte neighbourhoods are located.

Whether they be downtown or in the neighbourhoods, other attractions in Granada are the bars and restaurants where you can sample local cuisine, especially the tapas and Andalusian wines. Everything is traditional. And another tradition that one can’t miss is enjoying flamenco song and dance. Therefore, the city has numerous tablaos where shows are scheduled by the most well-known flamenco artists.