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Tour days: Thursday and Saturday
Duration: 10 hours
Time: All Day
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Main bus excursions to visit the capital of Andalucia and surrandings

By taking one of our bus trips through Seville, you can see all of the attractions in the Andalusian capital in the most comfortable way. We have selected the most interesting heritage sites that you can discover first-hand with the help of our expert guides.

The guided bus tours in Seville that we offer you take place in comfortable buses so that the journeys between each of the landmarks are very relaxing.

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And during the times when we are travelling in the bus, our guide will liven up the journey with his knowledge of the city and its inhabitants, so that your experience throughout the entire trip is informative and highly satisfying.

With our experience, we have designed guided tours through Seville that will show you the most emblematic places in the Andalusian capital. Always accompanied by our guide, you will discover in-depth not just the history and art treasured within this beautiful city, but also the most popular traditions of Seville and the modern-day city.

The option of taking a bus through Seville to see its many monumental attractions is ideal so that you don’t have to take long walks or for those travellers who don’t have much time and who want to make the most of their stay in Seville.

In this way, our tours will take you to charismatic places like the Giralda or the banks of the Guadalquivir River, where the legendary Gold Tower (Torre del Oro) stands. You will also discover unique monuments like the Maestranza bull ring or the Royal Alcazars, without forgetting the Santa María de la Sede Cathedral, the largest gothic temple in the world.

Virtually all of the places we have mentioned are on the banks of the Guadalquivir. The great artery of the city, we will cross it during our guided tours, passing from one bank to another via its historic bridges, like the Triana Bridge.

Our guide will also show you very popular places in Seville, like the Gardens of Maria Luisa Park or the Spanish Plaza, which is surrounded by all of the buildings from the International Exhibition of 1929. In addition to our guided tours, the place where Seville originated is also within reach, and it is actually just outside the city: the Roman aqueduct.

In short, our guided tours through Seville allow you to discover everything that is essential to see in this Andalusia tourist city.

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