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Days of the tour: Morning Tour: Daily. Afternoon Tour, from Marz to October: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Duration: 2 hours
Time: Morning and Afternoon

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Walking tours and visits to the most emblematic places of Madrid

Discover the capital’s most emblematic sites with our walking tours through Madrid. Walking along the streets of the Spanish capital is the best option for delighting yourself with its most characteristic monuments, museums and plazas. That is what will happen when you go on one of our guided walking tours in Madrid.

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We offer some itineraries that will show you the range of all the attractions in the city’s historical area. Our guides show you modern-day Madrid and what the city was like in the past. Therefore we make various themed tours available, which will contribute to a global perspective regarding the capital. And each one of the tours will show you historical episodes or relevant people who have shaped the current character of Madrid.

¿What walking tour can be done in Madrid?

We invite you to visit the Madrid of the Habsburgs and see its impressive artistic legacy with jewels of Spanish heritage like the Royal Palace. And to continue with the historical evolution of the city and, in general, the entire country, we also offer you the possibility of taking a tour through the Madrid of the Bourbons, which will take you to amazing places like the Alcala Gate.

But the must-see places in Madrid are numerous. And you can see and get to know all of them on our walking tours. A variety of guided tours will take you to the Plaza Mayor, the Cathedral of the Almudena, the famous fountains of Cibeles and Neptune, or to the most popular and vital place in the city: Puerta del Sol (Gate of the Sun).

However, not everything in Madrid can be appreciated from its streets. We provide other, quite different tours. For example, you can go on a guided tour through the galleries in the Prado Museum. We have selected the masterpieces of one of the most important art collections in the world and present them to you on this guided tour.

The Prado is the great art temple of Madrid, and our tours can take you to other unique thematic havens, such as the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and the Ventas bullring, two guided tours that captivate all fans of football and bullfighting.

To finish up, we offer a really fun tour where customs, cuisine and a good chat come together. Our guides will take you to sample one of the most typical traditions in Madrid. Go out for tapas at the most popular streets, pubs and taverns. It’s a tour that will give you the best tastes possible during your stay in the capital.

In short, there is a Madrid for every visitor, and with our proposed guided tours through Madrid, you will undoubtedly find the charms that you’re searching for in the Spanish capital.

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