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Days of the tour: From April to October: Daily. From November to March: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
 9 hours
Time: Full day

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Days of the tour: Tuesday to Sunday
 5 hours
Time: Morning

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Day Trips from Madrid – Madrid day trips – Day tours from Madrid

Signing up for day trips from Madrid through the suburbs of the Spanish capital is an excellent option for making the most of your holiday in the city. We offer you the possibility to go on our trips, which include guided tours to places near the capital, treasures like Toledo, Aranjuez, Avila, Segovia, El Escorial or the Valley of the Fallen. All of these destinations are quite interesting. Find out for yourself!

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Get the prices of each one of these guided tours, which are always done in comfortable buses for short journeys on the road. We will clearly show you the schedule of each of our itineraries and of the places to which we’ll have to take the bus. From there, we will enjoy a day discovering the charms of Madrid’s suburbs, thanks to the presence of our guide, who will accompany you both at the destination of each trip and on the journey there.

Why should you embark on any of our trips to the outskirts of Madrid? It’s very simple: there’s much to see and our tours will definitely surprise you.

Trips and tours from Madrid that families will enjoy

All of our trips from Madrid take place during one day. Throughout the day, sufficient time is available to tour places quite different from the capital, like Avila or Segovia. The first is famous for its long medieval walls and the Santa Teresa de Jesus. And the second is world-famous for its Roman aqueduct and the spectacular Alcazar.

Another interesting destination for a trip from Madrid is the city of Toledo. This city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it’s worth going on the peaceful guided tour that we offer you through its streets and to its monuments. It’s the best way to discover the City of Three Cultures.

The attractive places to see on a day trip from Madrid don’t stop there. It’s also possible to go to two quite distinct places that embody the far-off and more recent histories of Spain. Trips and guided tours to Monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorial and to the Valley of the Fallen are also available.

And equally interesting is to go on a trip to Aranjuez in order to see the palaces, museum and gardens in the beautiful Comunidad de Madrid, located very close to the capital and thus easy to go to on a day trip from Madrid.

That’s to say, we offer various destinations for these trips, which always include a guided tour to the most attractive and unforgettable places to see during your holiday in Madrid.

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