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Find out about excursions in Madrid consisting of guided tours, activities, bus tours and excursions from Madrid to its suburbs to marvel at all of the tourist attractions that the Spanish capital offers you. So that you don’t get lost, consult all of our suggestions and sign up for those that seem most interesting to you.

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In our catalogue of touristic itineraries, we have walking routes through the capital’s most charismatic places or guided tours of various monuments and places so that you can get to know them in-depth.

If you prefer, you can also embark on our bus tours, going in a quick and pleasant way from one point to another, without losing time traversing large areas on foot or waiting for public transport. And also on our bus routes, you can count on the presence of an expert guide to give you interesting information about the places that you visit and to provide advice about making the most of your stay in Madrid.

Any of our guided tours will show you all that you wish to see in Madrid. Of course you will visit and experience must-see places, like the constant vitality of the Puerta del Sol, the history of the Plaza Mayor, the artistic wealth of the Royal Palace or the masterpieces held within the city’s grandest museums.

We have created a catalogue of the guided tours that we’ve made available to you. You have the option of visiting parks where nature and history combine, as is the case with Retiro Park, or places especially cherished by the people of Madrid, like the enormous Plaza de Colón or the venerated Alcalá Gate.

Our itineraries bring you to the Royal Theatre, the Almudena Cathedral, the Debod Temple or the popular plazas of the gods Neptune and Cibeles. And logically, on the guided tours that we offer can also show you the scenes most followed by fans of Madrid. That is to say, we have guided tours in which you can discover complexes like Las Ventas bullring or the stadiums of the most popular football teams in the city.

In the end, the option of choosing any of our guided tours, be they thematic or generic, on bus or by foot, is the best experience for going to the large number of tourist attractions in the city. Our experience allows us to design itineraries especially conceived to be pleasant, interesting and of course a joy, as well as not too tiring.

But the recreational possibilities that we propose for your stay in Madrid don’t end there. We invite you to also discover the suburbs of the capital.

We have distinct excursions available that leave from Madrid and take you on a short bus journey to other nearby places of great interest. Cities like Segovia, Avila or Toledo are always worth a visit. Or great monuments, like the palaces of Aranjuez or the Monastery de San Lorenzo del Escorial, are also worth knowing.

We suggest a range of day trips from to these and other places, where our guide will make you glad you hired our services.

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