Wine excursions and wine testing in Lanzarote

Several of the excursions we offer in Lanzarote include guided tours of wineries, where the island’s (and the whole archipelago’s) most iconic drinks and produced. And it’s no wonder we set up these tours! We’re talking about wine with the Lanzarote Designation of Origin.

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In short, these are highly prestigious and high-quality wines, made with either malvasia or muscatel grapes. Either way, they are splendid white wines, which can be sampled during the guided tours of Lanzarote’s wineries. There you can also discover the entire wine production process, in addition to tasting and sampling them, to truly end up captivated by their flavours and aromas. 

But in addition to the wine tasting, the simple contemplation of Lanzarote’s wineries is a true invitation to get to know them. Along the various roads through Lanzarote, we’ll see a typical yet unique cultivation practice. It is done in all areas of the island, but the area of La Geria is particularly well known for it since it has the largest number of hectares devoted to grape vines. 
And the truth is that they are completely different cultivation fields than what you’ll find anywhere else. That is part of their charm, because here everything is produced on an apparently land: the volcanic surface of Lanzarote. However, the wisdom of the islanders has long discovered that land originating from volcanic lava, which is also called lapilli or ash, is capable of absorbing a large quantity of moisture overnight, thus supporting the vine during the day. Thus, this particular form of grape cultivation was born.

All of the peculiarities relating to this cultivation will be explained by our guides throughout our various guided excursions in Lanzarote. But in addition to these explanations, it is quite interesting to contemplate the landscape and see large excavated holes within the black rock, where vigorous green vines grow, protected by the wind with low stone walls located in the areas most exposed to the prevailing winds.

Such unique and captivating landscapes could be the Mountains of Fire in Timanfaya National Park, or the journey inside the Jameos del Agua. In reality, all of these places and many more can be enjoyed during the same day thanks to our intense and interesting guided tours throughout Lanzarote. The excursions cover different areas of the island, and you can even take a complete tour around the island. It’s no wonder that we take care of travellers by picking you up at your hotel in Arrecife, Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise or Playa Blanca in order to begin the excursion.

What are you waiting for? Embark on one of our excursions that include a guided visit to the wineries of Lanzarote. It is the most appealing and interesting experience. In fact, we’re convinced that those wines will conquer your palate and that you’ll want to take a bottle home with you. Well, in the wineries we will visit you can buy some, so that you have a wine bottle with the Lanzarote Designation of Origin in your own home as a memory of your great trip to the Canary Islands.

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