Excursions to Timanfaya National Park and the volcanoes in Lanzarote

The visit to Timanfaya National Park is without doubt one of the most attractive throughout Lanzarote. A single statistic is needed to prove this: it receives more than a million and a half visitors throughout the year … more than 1,500,000 people who are left awestruck by the overwhelming beauty of this land.

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Many of these visitors go to the park on one of our excursions there, and perhaps their opinions and comments are the best way for us to invite you to discover the so-called Mountains of Fire in Lanzarote on one of our routes or guided tours. Read what those who have enjoyed our tours through Lanzarote have to say, and choose your itinerary. We offer many different options, route changes, prices and schedules so that you can find the guided excursion to Timanfaya National Park that best suits you. And don’t worry about where your hotel is located, since we pick up all of our guests in the areas of Costa Teguise, Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca.

Whatever you choose, we will show you the most wonderful places in this protected area. The area spans 51 square kilometres and is dominated by 25 of the 100 different volcanoes found throughout Lanzarote.

Without a doubt, our itinerary is designed so that you will be impacted by the stark beauty of this landscape, full of different colours and tones that speak to the various eruptions, lava flows, fumaroles and inhuman temperatures. It tells us about the volcanic activity produced here, which for a moment reminds us of a lunar landscape.

This National Park is unique and different from any other that you can visit in the Spanish territory. Inside, its most suggestive area is the so-called Mountains of Fire. The 14 kilometre road that crosses this region is called the Volcano Road, and travelling it is part of many of our guided tours through Timanfaya.

The journey along Lanzarote’s Volcano Road can be simply defined as beautiful and evocative. We’ll see its beauty as we climb up in our bus, since the guide will show us the park’s most attractive niches, the old volcanic cones, the craters and the remains of the lava flows. It is a compound of extraordinary natural formations that provoke reveries and memories.

You’ll think, “How is it possible that nature’s destructive and uncontrollable force, the volcanic eruption, is capable of producing such beauty?” As a result of those natural processes, it seems there are thousands of rock sculptures carved through the passing of time. Meanwhile in other areas, the terrain has been transformed into a curious and giant canvas that mixes black, yellow and amber colours to create quite attractive compositions.

You will receive complete and interesting information about all of that thanks to the guide who will accompany us inside the National Park. However, so that you can better comprehend the natural processes that have created the landscapes of Timanfaya, all of our itineraries along Lanzarote’s Volcano Road include a quite interesting stop.

It’s near the Islote de Hilario, a point that is worth visiting in order to get to know another of César Manrique’s works. The 20th century artist, along with the volcanoes, is considered the great sculptor of Lanzarote’s current appearance. In fact, in some of our other guided tours throughout the island, we show the legacy of Manrique in depth. But let’s get back to our current interest: the excursions through Timanfaya National Park.

We said that a quite interesting stop takes place at the Islote de Hilario. There, an official guide will show us how the volcanic processes underneath Lanzarote are still boiling. There’s no better way to say it! We’re going to see how easy it is to create a hot water geyser here, simply by pouring water over the appropriate sinkhole. Meanwhile, in other sinkholes we will check the land’s elevated temperature, which is capable of setting fire to a small bundle of Straw held barely underground.

Finally, as we said in the beginning, doing any of our excursions to Timanfaya National Park is a must. It’s highly interesting and pleasant, since the landscapes are so beautiful and captivating. These lands have a suggestive and somewhat hypnotic charm. These sensations will multiply if you choose to ride a camel near the Mountains of Fire, which can undoubtedly become the unforgettable memory that you take with you from your visit to Timanfaya.


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