Visit the main caves in Lanzarote

Going on the different excursions to the caves of Lanzarote means discovering some of the most incredible places on this island, which of course is incredible as a whole. We are speaking of visiting the Jameos del Agua or taking a trip to the Cueva de los Verdes, which are included among the many tourist routes through Lanzarote.

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Both places are located to the north of the island, and both are very close together and close to the old Corona volcano. In reality, it was an eruption from this volcano that gave birth to these caves. This fact is very important and is something that the guides of these natural monuments, who accompany the groups, always make very clear, so that the visitor knows at all times that they are entering a volcanic tube. But don’t worry, it is not dangerous!

The guided tour to the Jameos del Agua and the Cueva de Verdes offers that experience of entering a tube that originated from an explosion of gas from within the volcano’s lava. These magnificent natural spaces were thus created, which even came to be situated below sea level, so the waters of the Atlantic Ocean are filtered here.

In short, with these caves in Lanzarote we offer nothing more than a visit to two of the most unique natural marvels. But there’s still more. The great advantage to coming to these places as part of our Lanzarote excursions is that the guides provide abundant information so that you can enjoy them even more. This is something greatly appreciated in such remote areas as these.

This way we can get to know the Cueva de los Verdes, one of the largest volcanic tubes on the planet, so rugged in appearance and sometimes even claustrophobic. It came to be an ideal shelter for the people of Lanzarote. In its more than 6 kilometres of depth, they sought refuge here when under siege or under attack by pirates.

And combining the visit to the Cueva de los Verdes with the entrance to the Jameos del Agua means a more complete experience, since both places have the same origin but completely different appearances. Why? Because César Manrique intervened in the Jameos del Agua, where he designed an indoor area with pools and an auditorium.

In short, if someone were capable of increasing the beauty of this natural cavity, where there is even a lake inhabited by the iconic jameitos (tiny albino crabs that never see the light of the sun), that would have to be the most illustrious Lanzarote. An artist of international prestige who left some of his most incredible creations on this land, like the Jameos del Agua.

In fact, much of the guided routes through Lanzarote show Manrique’s various works, and in this sense we would also include his construction of the Lagomar House in the cave category. It’s a building that in large part was an excavation into the belly of the earth, such that the house-cave is completely integrated into the landscape, but at the same time it has undeniable architectural value. During a trip to the island, Hollywood actor Omar Sharif saw it, fell in love with the house and bought it. Even though it did not spend much time in his ownership, this house, available on many of our itineraries through Lanzarote, is also known as the House of Omar Sharif.

In short, the guided tours of Lanzarote are always dominated by two factors. On the one hand is the island’s volcanic origin, and on the other, the works of César Manrique. Both elements are joined together on the visits to the caves of Lanzarote.

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